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Your wedding instantly broadcasted,
not only recorded!

We record the events of your big day and instantly broadcast them with professional equipment. From the recording a creative highlight film is produced. The broadcasted recording can be watched live online by those who could not be present on your wedding due to distance, workplace or illness.

New generation of wedding experience

New trends have appeared in the field of wedding videos, so we broadened our range of services. If you wish, we broadcast the event live with multiple cameras, in a professional way on your Facebook profile. Your friends and those live far away or could not come, can be part of the event on Facebook.

wedding films
We are here for you to enhance your fantastic day on a brand new level!

The newest technology enables live broadcasts to be cost-effective, so this service will not burden you with high costs. It is a wonderful experience for those who could not be present on the wedding! In the wedding season we have received many feedbacks that it was a fascinating experience to watch the wedding of a Facebook friend live online.

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Closed Facebook group

If it’s not a large audience you’re seeking, we can also broadcast through a closed Facebook group made by you – in this case, only the people you’ve invited prior can watch the livestreams. All activities made in the group – (likes and comments) will only be visible to those who are parts of it. Other friends of yours on Facebook that you have not invited into the group will not be able to see them. We can also stream for you through private YouTube or password-protected Vimeo channels. 

Why should WE do it?

Anyone of the wedding guests could cover the event live via a mobile phone, but it might be questionable, regarding quality and enjoyability. We are professional cameramen who can provide excellent sound and picture quality of your wedding. We use the most modern cameras and sound recorders to record, in order to create a beautiful short film for You and to make the live coverage entertaining. Long, disturbing cables during the film shootings are avoided, we work with the latest video technological equipment. There will be cameras at wedding anyway, the live feature is just icing on the cake.

Esküvői videózás esküvőivideó

esküvői dekoráció esküvői fotós

Be exclusive

We do not only record an event, but produce a film with you both starring the main role.You can rewatch the most beautiful day of your life in excellent quality. If you wish, the broadcast can be fixed on your profile. Have fun on the shots displayed on your own Facebook profile and on the comments. You can see how your friends commented and congratulated during the event. We constantly record the most beautiful moments from the preparations up all night. Your live check-in can be done in a pre-arranged time or completely spontaneously.

No matter where you are!

Wherever you are in the world or wherever you want to organize your wedding, we will walk you there! Let’ show the great moments of your wedding to your relatives, acquaintances living in the country or abroad.

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